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O N L I N E   F O R M S
Online Forms enables Recruitment Agencies and Corporates to display an integrated e-careers page to prospective candidates. It offers many benefits :-
This online mini portal greatly reduces the work of recruitment consultants.
A great Branding tool – completely integrated to your website design.
Candidates can view all vacancies of the firm – with relevant details. Consultants are saved from giving out the same detail over and over again.
Candidates can search / filter vacancies relevant to them based on Function / Industry / City / Salary range, Keywords etc.
Candidates can submit their résumé online – with photographs and specific fields required by you. Consultants do not have to do any data entry – as resume is directly saved in the erecruit database.
Candidates can refer relevant vacancies to their colleagues / friends.
Clients can post vacancies online.
Clients can review their own vacancies and attached candidates online in real time. They can review the current status of candidates (current stage of recruitment).
Click on the links below to view samples of Online Forms.
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2. Beige -- brown     design
3. Green design
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