e r e c r u i t  
  f e a t u r e s  
  b e n e f i t s  
  p r i c e  
  c l i e n t s  
  d e m o  
  o n l i n e   f o r m s  
  b r o c h u r e  
  c o n t a c t  

Tried and Tested

Deployed across 100+ sites and 2000+ users

India China Hongkong Japan
Malaysia Sinagpore UAE Vietnam
Chris-Allen Office Secretaries MRI Network
Mangalam First Alliances EMA Partners
Chris Consulting Wright Star Global Staff Service
Shilputsi Cornerstone India
Citadel Search Kewalram IFCM
Brunel Energy Lee Capstone Vitasta
    and many more...
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